Python Attributes and Methods


Explains the mechanics of attribute access for new-style Python objects:

  • how functions become methods
  • how descriptors and properties work
  • method resolution order for classes

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This book is part of a series:

  1. Python Types and Objects

  2. Python Attributes and Methods [you are here]


01 Jun, 2005
Kevin Whitefoot:

Brilliant. Thank you very much for the clearest exposition of Python's type system I have seen.

23 Jul, 2005
Jeronimo Albi:

Yes, very well explained. It's a plesure to read articles like this one. By the way, I really like cafepy site design =).

06 Sep, 2005
Don Bora:

How does one start a new discussion ? I want to start a discuss between PHP and Python , which is better ?

06 Sep, 2005
Don Bora:

Okay i figured it out. Must be tired tonight. :(

17 Jan, 2006

Is there a large python discussion board / community out there somewhere?

18 Jan, 2006

22 Feb, 2006

This is excellent.

I got particularly intersted at SpecialType. It would be interstesting to have the distinction between 'type(list)' ('list' is given in the library doc as a builtin function) and types.ListType made clear.

It seems that 'list' is, in fact, a class or type name and, when called becomes an instance constructor.

Colin W.

22 Feb, 2006
Shalabh Chaturvedi:

Any 'class or type name' when called returns the instance - in fact that is the standard way of creating an instance in Python - call the class name. This is true for built-in types as well as classes you define. The built-in list used to be a function but version 2.2 onward it is a type. Interestingly the behavior seems same as before when you use it to convert something to a list. But technically you are instantiating a list object rather than calling a function.

Also, list and types.ListType are one and the same object. In fact you can check in Python yourself::

import types types.ListType is list True

When you say type(list), you get the metaclass <type 'type'>. See (Python Objects Map), which shows both list (shown as <type 'list'>) and <type 'type'>.

08 Dec, 2006

Thank you very much for these guides. They've answered virtually all of my questions regarding objects and types the standard documentation didn't answer - and there were a lot of those.

06 Oct, 2007

You've written that when retrieving an attribute from an object (print objectname.attrname) the first step performed by Python is to check whether attrname is a Python-provided attribute for objectname and if it is - return it. How exactly is this step performed? Also, I've looked for a good guide explaining what is found in object and what the dictproxy object is, and have found nothing - could you refer me to such a guide?

Thanks in advance!

19 Jan, 2010
V. Argenta*:

Excellent reading about python specificities! I just would say that chapter 2 could be a little more detaild; I had some difficulty reading it. But nothing very serious - all your material is very readable, and you certainly helped me alot. Thanks!

19 Aug, 2010

I think there is an error (or maybe something changed?): in example 1.4, you say:

cobj.dict['d'] = "try to force a value" # Forcing value x = cobj.d # Futile: get is called instead

but some line above you say that resolution order proceed first with instance cobj.dict, then in the type cobj.class.dict

But overriding the class value ( d = Desc() ) with an instance value ( d = [HTML_REMOVED] ) the evaluation order changes. So the x = cobj.d will return the string.

I just tried this with Python 2.6.4:

>>> class Desc(object):
...   def __get__(self, obj, cls=None):
...     return "Desc Get"
>>> class O(object):
...   de = Desc()
>>> o = O()
'Desc Get' # As expected
>>> o.__dict__['de'] = "A string"
'A string' # Resolution order changes

Probably everyone noted this, but was just a fix.

Good article anyway, I love to read about the internals :)


19 Aug, 2010

Ooops, sorry, forgot about _ set _ . My last comment is wrong, sorry again. ~Aki

20 Apr, 2011
Alicante Airport*:

Your insight view is usefule for me. Thanks!

18 Oct, 2011

In the "who's next class" section, Both B, C are super classes of D, but in the implementation of the do_your_stuff() and find_next_class method D will only invoke either B or C's do_your_stuff not both. Is it just for illustration purpose

12 Jan, 2012

Example 1.7 currently does not work as the hidden variable called b does not exist for a first get. To fix it, you need to set b inside init as in

Otherwise, the first get fails. Also, setting seems to just set, and therefore, delete the descriptor from the instance.

Thank you.

21 Jan, 2012

Could you rephrase this part :

«Check objectname.dict for attrname, and return if found. If objectname is a class, search its bases too. If it is a class and a descriptor exists in it or its bases, return the descriptor result.»

The way I understand it is that:

getattirubte looks in object.dict and returns whatever it finds there. If it did not find something it looks inside class bases for a descriptor and returns?

I'm not sure whether getattribute looks for a non-datadescriptor inside the dict of bases or it's looking for a descriptor...


08 Jan, 2013

I'm a college student working on a Python interpreter project, and the section on descriptors ("The Dynamic __dict__") saved my life! I couldn't find this level of detail anywhere in the documentation. Thank you so much for providing this.

There are a couple of points I have noticed by experimentation (with Python 3.2) that you might want to clarify:

  1. A descriptor with either __set__ or __delete__ is considered a data descriptor, and can cause an error if the other one is missing. For example:

    >>> class D:
    ...     def __get__(self, obj, cls=None): pass
    ...     def __set__(self, obj, val): pass
    >>> class C:
    ...     d = D()
    >>> del C().d
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    AttributeError: __delete__
  2. When looking up an attribute, if a non-data descriptor or a non-descriptor is found before a data descriptor in an object's class, it hides any attributes in superclasses. For instance:

    >>> class DD:
    ...     def __get__(self, obj, cls=None):
    ...             print("DD.__get__")
    ...     def __set__(self, obj, val):
    ...             print("DD.__set__")
    ...     def __delete__(self, obj):
    ...             print("DD.__delete__")
    >>> class ND:
    ...     def __get__(self, obj, cls=None):
    ...             print("ND.__get__")
    >>> class C:
    ...     x = DD()
    >>> class D(C):
    ...     x = ND()
    >>> D().x
  3. Python-provided attributes have descriptors too (although I'm not sure if the implementation actually uses them). These are the slot wrappers and such in object, type, etc. Also, a user-defined class can override a Python-provided attribute. For example:

    >>> class C:
    ...     __dict__ = "__dict__"
    >>> c = C()
    >>> c.__dict__
19 Sep, 2013

Excellent. The following sentence from the python documentation led me to your book: 'Data and non-data descriptors differ in how overrides are calculated with respect to entries in an instance’s dictionary.' Your book explained this in crystal clear language, plus a lot more! Great work.

25 Jun, 2014

In example 1.4, PROBLEM: The statement x = cobj.d assigns None to x, yet the narrative reads "Calls d.get(cobj, C). The value returned is bound to x."

Further weirdness:

d.get(cobj, C) Traceback (most recent call last): File "[HTML_REMOVED]", line 1, in [HTML_REMOVED] NameError: name 'd' is not defined

QUESTION: What am I doing wrong / why does it not work?

FOR REFERENCE Examples 1.3, 1.4 class Desc(object): '''A class that can be instantiated to create a descriptor.''' def get(self, obj, cls= None): pass

def __set__(self, obj, val):

def __delete__(self, obj):

class C(object): "A class with a single descriptor" d = Desc() # [1]

cobj = C()

x = cobj.d # [2] cobj.d = "setting a value" # [3] cobj.dict['d'] = "try to force a value" # [4] x = cobj.d # [5] del cobj.d # [6]

x = C.d # [7] C.d = "setting a value on class" # [8]

''' [1] Now the attribute called d is a descriptor.''' ''' [2] Calls d.get(cobj, C). The value returned is bound to x. Here d means the instance of Desc defined in [1]. It can be found in C.dict['d'].''' ''' [3] Calls d.set(cobj, "setting a value").''' ''' [4] Sticking a value directly in the instance's dict works, but...''' ''' [5] is futile. This still calls d.get(cobj, C).''' ''' [6] Calls d.delete(cobj).''' ''' [7] Calls d.get(None, C).''' ''' [8]Doesn't call anything. This replaces the descriptor with a new string object. After this, accessing cobj.d or C.d will just return the string "setting a value on class". The descriptor has been kicked out of C's dict.'''

27 Apr, 2015
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